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Sustainable Dairy Farming – teacher resources and self-guided learning

Dairy farming in Maine and around the country has an amazing story to tell when it comes to Sustainability. Across the nation, the dairy industry has committed to become Green House Gas (GHG) Neutral by the year 2050. The following are links to articles and resources that explain what is happening on farms near and far to make that possible. If you want to delve deeper and even talk to a Maine dairy farmer, we are happy to help connect you with someone who has expertise in your area of interest. Email your questions and requests to [email protected].

Sustainable Superpowers of Dairy Graphic

Dairy Sustainability Graphic

Meet-The-Farmers-Brigeen-Farm.pdf ( – little things can make a big difference. Brigeen Farms is an excellent example of how dairy farms can do a combination of practices to achieve sustainability goals.

Evolving Sustainable Dairy Farming Practices | U.S. Dairy (

Dairy Farm Solutions to Cow Methane Emissions | U.S. Dairy (


Poo Power – technology that uses cow manure to produce natural gas

Maine’s largest dairy farm will soon have the state’s first natural gas digester, fueled by manure | Maine Public

Article – Summit Utilities Inc. – the company that is building a natural gas digester at Flood Bros. Farm in Clinton

Central Maine dairy farms to turn manure into renewable natural gas |

They’ve gone and dung it: Clinton ‘digester’ to produce natural gas from manure –


Creating energy with cow manure and food waste

This Exeter farm converts truckloads of food waste to electricity. It could be taking more. – Piscataquis Observer (

Exeter Agri-Energy – tradition + innovation ( – company that operates the digester at Stonyvale Farm.

What Is a Digester? | U.S. Dairy (

Food Waste & Composting with ecomaine – ecomaine – includes a video with a great explanation of how the anaerobic digester at Stonyvale Farm in Exeter works.


Feeding cows sea kelp to reduce methane emissions

UNH research: Cows fed kelp meal are less gassy (

Seaweed Research Benefits Region’s Dairy Farmers | UNH Today

Slippery salvation: Could seaweed as cow feed help climate? – ABC News (

On-Farm Research – Wolfe’s Neck ( -projects ongoing at Wolfe’s Neck Center in Freeport regarding soil health and feeding cows sea kelp to reduce methane emissions.


Healthy soils – Soil health is important for so many reasons. Maine is experiencing longer periods of drought and more monsoon-like rainstorms. Healthy soil can help to absorb those rains when we get them so that the plants can use that moisture during the dry periods, and it reduces soil erosion. Healthy soil is also better able to sequester carbon, keeping it out of the air.

How carbon sequestration in Maine can help slow climate change | Maine Public (Maine Calling radio show with expert panel – description of what carbon sequestration is and how Maine’s landscape helps remove carbon from the air.)

How Farmers Cultivate Healthy Soil – MAINE FARMLAND TRUST

Dayton, Maine Farmer experiments to improve soil health, combat climate change

Fourth-generation farmer finds soil success in no-till and cover crops | NRCS Maine ( (Bob Fogler of Stonyvale Farm)

No-Till Management Case Study: Stoneyvale Farm – Cooperative Extension: Agriculture – University of Maine Cooperative Extension (

Farms and climate change

Maine Farmers Struggle with New, Harsher Climate Reality | Civil Eats

Do Cows Cause Climate Change? | U.S. Dairy (

Water conservation

Worm-Based Wastewater Treatment in Dairy | U.S. Dairy (

Ask a Dairy Farmer How Do Farmers Reuse Water | U.S. Dairy (


Sustainable Nutrition

Is Milk Good for You? Nutrients in Milk | U.S. Dairy (

13 Nutrients In Milk Infographic

Dairy Innovations for Sustainable Future Webinar | U.S. Dairy (

Webinar: Exploring Protein Sources From Animals and Plants | U.S. Dairy (

Dairys role in a sustainable food system

Dairy Foods Close Nutrient Gaps

Cow Power: Dairy’s Renewable Energy | U.S. Dairy (

What People Have to Say

Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council works with school nutrition directors and staff
across the state and offers grants to provide needed equipment throughout the year.

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