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Deeper Dive into Dairy

Resources for teachers and self-guided learning

For grades PreK-3

Dance Break! Get Mooooving video by Buzz Media (Leavitt Area High School)

Matching – match the cow and calf

Color your Adopt A Cow calf

Cow Care

“A Cow’s Life” video by Buzz Media (Leavitt Area High School YouTube video)


For any age

2023 Maine Dairy brochure – an overview of dairy in Maine

Meet The Farmers – Brigeen Farm

Advanced Dairy Coloring Pages

Infographic-How does milk go from the farm to table?

Dairy Farm Trivia

Dairy Jokes

Mooga poses

13 Nutrients In Milk Infographic

Necessary Nutrition for Teens

Mess With Your Milk Recipes

            MWYM butter in a cup 

            MWYM yogurt

            MWYM ricotta

            MWYM milk fizz

            MWYM milk color swirl

            MWYM ice cream

            MWYM custom milk

            MWYM cheese and cottage cheese

Articles, videos and resources for middle and high school

If you’d like to learn more about a specific topic, please contact us at [email protected] with your questions.


Cow Care

“A Cow’s Life” video by Buzz Media (Leavitt Area High School YouTube video)


Cow Collars video by Buzz Media (Leavitt Area High School YouTube video)

UMaine researchers using precision technology to help Maine dairy farmers – UMaine News – University of Maine


(see our Sustainability page for more resources)

Dairy And The Environment | U.S. Dairy (

2050 Environmental Stewardship Goals.pdf (


This Maine farm converts truckloads of food waste to electricity. It still could be taking more | Maine Public – digester at Stonyvale

Anaerobic digester at Stonyvale Farms How it Works – Exeter Agri-Energy (

Exeter Agri-Energy Unveils Maine’s 1st Depackager That Diverts Food Waste from Landfills – Agri-Cycle Energy (

Clinton Digester ( – digester removes methane from cow manure to create a natural gas

Anaerobic digesters case study – Anaerobic Digesters – Case Study Vanderhaak Dairy. Benefits and Feasibility – Bing video

No-till crops at Stonyvale Farms in Exeter – MDNC YouTube video

Meet The Farmers – Harris Farm

Sustainable Nutrition Infographic


(see our Nutrition page for more resources)

Whats in Your Glass Milk Comparison Fact Sheet

Plant-Based Milks Not Nutritionally Equal to Cow’s Milk (

How to Eat More Protein: 16 Easy Ways to Increase Your Intake (

Is Milk Good for You? Nutrients in Milk | U.S. Dairy (

13 ways milk can help your body

Necessary Nutrition for Teens

Nutrition for grade schoolers years 6-12



Maine State Economic Impact Report

2023 Maine Dairy brochure




What People Have to Say

Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council works with school nutrition directors and staff
across the state and offers grants to provide needed equipment throughout the year.

Maine Dairy

Good for Maine

Good for you

Milk Splash

Maine Dairy

Good for Maine

Good for you