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Relax and recharge in the new year.

Many often start the new year enthused to get up and get going, try new things, amp up their routine and charge into adventures. But it’s also the middle of winter, and winter is for slowing down, recharging and reenergizing. Just like the fields and gardens are taking a rest, so can you. Food can … Continued


The only hunger a child should have is a hunger to learn. School meals are more essential than ever for hunger relief among children and youth. GENYOUth Insights School Nutrition Survey 2021

Youth Voice: Empowering Positive Change

A decade ago, youth as change-agents for healthy schools was a novel concept — the idea that students can and should play a lead role in demanding, creating and participating in solutions that affect their health and well-being in their school communities. But today, empowered youth are a driving force in many education and public … Continued

Five Ways to Start Fresh with Fuel Up to Play 60

School is back in session and we are excited to Start Fresh together! This school year, we are showcasing new and exciting updates to FUTP 60 that feature new wellness tools for educators, families and students, free learning resources, lots of inspiration for building stronger schools and communities and more. 5 Ways to Start Fresh … Continued

Power snacks for back to school

By Matthew Walker, UMaine Dietetic Intern Don’t look now, but fall is all but here. The end of summer means two things — blueberry season has come to an end as we close in on apple picking season, and school is starting back up. Kids are excited to be back and see their friends daily, … Continued

Dear Dairy Ice Cream Gets Creative

Math, science, creativity, a strong background in the culinary arts and a love of collaboration – all key ingredients in the creation of Dear Dairy Ice Cream. And for Dear Dairy, when it comes to making their one-of-a-kind, out-of-the-box flavors, it’s all about the ingredients. “We research and pursue products that we know we are … Continued

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Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council works with school nutrition directors and staff
across the state and offers grants to provide needed equipment throughout the year.

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