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An Office With a View

Dairy farming is not a money-making endeavor. People stick with it because of the lifestyle it offers, because they have a family history, would much rather work out in a field or with a barnful of obstinate cows than being tied down to a desk. Although there’s a fair amount of desk time with the … Continued

Can’t Take The Fake? Try This Chocolate Cream Pie

Natasha Colbry from Spruce Mill Farm in Dover-Foxcroft was kind enough to share her AMAZING chocolate cream pie recipe with us. You’ll have some happy friends and family if you serve this at your next gathering.  I grew up spoiled on my Mum’s whole food, from scratch baking and cooking. Pizza nights consisted of real, … Continued

Making Dinner for 200 – Cows, That is

While we all know that milk is an important part of our nutritional health, you might not be aware of all the work and science that goes into ensuring dairy cows have the proper nutrition to produce that delicious, healthy milk. I have had several opportunities, through my job with the Maine Dairy & Nutrition … Continued

Silver Valley Farm Selected as Green Pastures Award Winner

Each year, one farm from each New England State is selected as a Green Pastures Award Winner. These farms are chosen based on pasture quality and forage management, production, herd, milk quality, financial stability, and community involvement. Basically, it’s because they care. They care about the land, dairy farming, animals, and community. They work hard. … Continued

School Breakfast Recipes

Peaches ‘n’ Cream Waffle Dunkers, Blueberry Delight, and Fiesta Breakfast Swirls are delicious recipes from the National Dairy Council that excite students about school breakfast! Foodservice Recipe – Blueberry Delight with HACCP Foodservice Recipe – Breakfast Basket with HACCP Foodservice Recipe – Double Cheese-Fiesta Swirl with HACCP Foodservice Recipe – Fruity Flatbread, Sunny Start with … Continued

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Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council works with school nutrition directors and staff
across the state and offers grants to provide needed equipment throughout the year.

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