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Our Mission

To increase demand for dairy products by developing and executing an industry-wide market-driven business plan that strategically invests resources and provides the best possible economic advantage to dairy farmers.

Staff & Boards

Each Director listed below is actively involved in Maine’s dairy industry. The list identifies officers and the location of the Director’s dairy operation or place of business.

Maine Dairy Promotion Board

Ben Taylor, Chair
Dairy Farmer
St. Albans

Garrett Lambert
Dairy Farmer

Julie-Marie Bickford
Maine Department of Agriculture

Teresa Hardy
Dairy Farmer

Jenni Tilton-Flood, UDIA Director
Dairy Farmer

Maine Dairy & Nutrition Council

Kathryn Fogler, Chair
Dairy Farmer

Steve Keene, Treasurer
Dairy Farmer

John Blake, Processor Representative
HP Hood

Betsy Bullard
Dairy Farmer

Heath Miller
Dairy Farmer

Meet Our Staff

Sarah Littlefield

Executive Director

Catherine Hoffmann, MS,RD

School Nutrition Programs Manager

Meredith Fahey

Office Manager

Jami Badershall

Communications Manager

What People Have to Say

Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council works with school nutrition directors and staff
across the state and offers grants to provide needed equipment throughout the year.

Maine Dairy

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Milk Splash

Maine Dairy

Good for Maine

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