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A Dairy Cow’s Super Powers

What’s more sustainable than an animal that helps to grow her own feed?  That’s exactly what a dairy cow does. The farmer feeds the cow, the cow makes manure (poops), the manure is then fertilizer for the fields in which the farmer grows feed like corn and hay for the cow. The cow eats that … Continued

Farmers use FitBit-style technology to monitor cow health

This collar works much like, although more advanced than, a FitBit. Long before FitBits were all the rage among those looking to get and stay fit, dairy farmers were relying on similar technology to keep them abreast of their cows’ health. And Lilley Farms waaaay up in the County, between Canada and Baxter State Park … Continued

UMaine’s Witter farm climbs to the top

The University of Maine dairy farm in Old Town has always ranked well for its milk quality and quality of cows. However, an especially impressive number of accolades has been bestowed upon the dairy herd at J. F. Witter Teaching and Research Center in the past few months. Most recently, the herd was ranked No. … Continued

An Udderly Moo-ving Day on Maine Dairy Farm

University of Maine Dietetic Intern Amanda Robbins visits Brigeen Farms with the Maine Dairy & Nutrition Council By Amanda Robbins On a chilly November afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit the scenic hills of Turner, Maine, where Brigeen Farms, Inc. sits peacefully with Mount Washington painted in the landscape of the farm’s background. On … Continued

2019 Maine Green Pastures Winner – Cooley Farm

Marcia Dean and her family were recently honored as the Maine Dairy Farm of the Year and Green Pastures Award winner. Nearly 30 years ago, the future of Cooley Farm was put into the hands of the owner’s 14-year-old granddaughter. On Aug. 25, 1990, the farm’s milking barn burned down, killing about 60 of their … Continued

Anything but just a number

Though Taylor Dairy Farm is home to a large herd of cattle, each animal gets individual attention. With nearly 1,800 Jersey cattle on his family’s farm in St. Alban’s, one would think it would be difficult for Ben Taylor to know each animal individually. Thanks to the latest software though, he can find out all he … Continued

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Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council works with school nutrition directors and staff
across the state and offers grants to provide needed equipment throughout the year.

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