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A Dairy Cow’s Super Powers

What’s more sustainable than an animal that helps to grow its own feed? That’s exactly what a dairy cow does. The farmer feeds the cow. The cow makes manure (poops). The manure is then fertilizer for the fields in which the farmer grows feed like corn and hay for the cow. The dairy cow eats … Continued

Farmers Use Fit Bit Style Technology to Monitor Cow Health

Long before the Fit Bit was all the rage among those looking to get and stay fit, dairy farmers were relying on similar technology to keep them abreast of their cows’ health. Lilley Farms way up in the County, between Canada and Baxter State Park in Smyrna, was one of the first to start using … Continued

UMaine’s Witter Farm Climbs to the Top

The University of Maine Witter Farm in Old Town always ranked well for its milk quality and cows. However, an especially impressive number of accolades have been bestowed upon the dairy herd at J. F. Witter Teaching and Research Center in the past few months. Most recently, the herd was ranked 3rd in the nation … Continued

2017 Maine Green Pastures Winner – Hall Farms

The Hall family has farmed in East Dixfield since 1816. When a dairy farm family is in a community for three, four, five, six, seven, or eight generations like many of Maine’s dairy farms, those families are not only deeply invested in their farm, but in their community. You’ll often see their names on school … Continued

Yankee Ingenuity at Work on Highland Farms

In 1953, Jennifer Kimball and Johanna Chapman’s great-grandfather Robert Pike thought, “There has got to be a better way to milk cows.” The process involved bending over to clean and prep the cow’s udder before attaching a milking unit to each cow as she stood in her stanchions. They were only able to milk a … Continued

Twin Brook is 2015 Green Pasture Award Winner

Brothers Aaron and Adam own and operate Twin Brook Dairy, the 2015 Green Pasture Award Winner. Even before they took over full ownership of the family’s dairy farm, Twin Brook Dairy in West Minot, in 2010, brothers Aaron and Adam Trundy had made cow comfort a top priority. “The more comfortable they are, the better … Continued

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